We have a vested interest in the success of our clients; we operate as an extension of your firm; finding efficiencies in operations, reduction of expenses, and the mitigation of risk. We offer a full range of fund administration, transfer agency, fund accounting and compliance services. Whether developing a new fund, a service conversion, or complex regulatory reporting; M3Sixty’s team with the highest level of industry experience will deliver the resources and solutions that ensure our collective success.


Our team will ensure superior transfer agency services. The Transfer Agency Team has over 13 years’ average experience; providing services to all types of fund complexes. Transfer Agency Operations; including call center, financial control, daily reporting, blue sky administration and NSCC functions.

Our dedicated resources provide customized service to meet your specific needs, control costs, increase efficiency and minimize risk. We are confident we will provide a superior platform to you and your business in a cost-effective manner. The following highlights how our full-service transfer agency solution provides access to industry-leading technology and reporting.


M3Sixty is a premiere user of Envision Financial’s transfer agency solution Power Agent. Power Agent is a leading and award-winning provider of real-time shareholder recordkeeping solutions for the financial services industry. M3Sixty’s transfer agent solution is scalable and efficient; because of its fully open architecture, it’s easy to generate real-time reporting and customize and update data as needs evolve.


We provide a full suite of fulfillment services which include shareholder statement mailings, prospectus orders along with distribution and delivery of fund company marketing materials. We also leverage electronic delivery for shareholder statements, prospectus, annual and semi-annual reports using SEC/FINRA compliant methodology and logging.

Utilize MARS Sales Focus software putting accurate, reliable sales and asset information at your fingertips. Its advanced analytics enable better monitoring and managing of sales activities to identify trends and uncover opportunities to grow sales and seamlessly export and import data. Given the technology’s flexibility, we can make complex changes, including:

  • Regulatory updates, in a cost-effective manner without hindering other projects
  • Automated interaction with numerous fund accounting and custody feeds in addition to our DTCC, Bloomberg, IDC & custom ftp interfaces
  • NSCC and direct shareholder processing and reporting
  • Year-end tax reporting and monitoring of accounts for accurate coding, prepare all tax forms and mail to shareholders (1099R, 1099Div, 5498)
  • Coordination and testing of electronic filings to the IRS using FIRE system
  • Generation and mailing of all daily, quarterly and year-end statements, confirmations and tax forms in addition to custom mail projects, shareholder target campaigns and form and application development
  • CIP, RPO, escheatment and Blue Sky administration and reporting
  • Customized and daily reporting summarizing direct shareholder and NSCC activity, trade summary and detail report, dealer sales activity, money movement and reconciliation reporting
  • Compliance – M3Sixty provides quarterly reports on any number of subject areas, including code of ethics, anti-money laundering, 22c-2, Subchapter M, Bank Secrecy Act filings, Suspicious Activity Report preparation and filing, 314(a) reporting and prospectus compliance
  • Full service call center staffed by series 6 & 63 licensed representatives with a minimum of 5 years specific mutual fund experience. M3Sixty has partnered with CISCO systems to offer state of the art call recording, reporting and VRU functionality


M3Sixty provides complete fund accounting and administration services. This highly important team can provide services for any type of fund, including but not limited to: domestic equity, bond funds, money market funds, global and domestic derivative funds, international funds and hedge funds. They bring over 20 years’ experience working in a large firm environment and are led by the Director of Fund Accounting and Administration.

Our accountants and administration professionals communicate with SEC and FINRA staff and prepare tax and regulatory filings on behalf of our clients. Our clients benefit from our ability to prepare complicated tax, regulatory reports and filings along with expert assistance with regulatory exams and regulator comments.

Our accountants specialize in understanding complex investments such as hard-to-price securities and valuation committee procedures, sophisticated derivative and leveraged instruments and multi-currency funds. The average industry tenure of our fund accounting and administration team exceeds thirteen years.

Our fund administration and fund accounting services include:


M3Sixty utilizes Linedata’s Mfact solution; M-fact is an award-winning fund accounting solution with over 20-years of proven market experience.  Mfact delivers a faster, smarter and more efficient fund accounting solution.


  • Calculate NAVs and report to the NASDAQ
  • Prepare semi-annual and annual financial statements
  • Coordinate and supervise audits
  • Manage fund invoice approval and payment process
  • Coordinate and review SEC regulatory filings
  • Conduct daily/monthly post-trade investment restriction monitoring and reporting
  • Coordinate third party reporting
  • Prepare required reports for quarterly board meetings
  • Provide quarterly board meeting services (organizing and leading planning sessions, preparing and distributing board books, participating in meetings and preparing minutes)
  • Manage contracts, including negotiating distribution contracts and maintaining executed agreements
  • Complete regulatory filings, including managing and coordinating SEC fund filings via EDGAR (including N-Q, N-CSR, N-SAR, 24f-2, 40-17g and 485); providing annual review of and update to registration statements; and handling proxy statements and rights offerings
  • Prepare and monitor the fund’s budget
  • Prepare and monitor Sub-M compliance with IRS code
  • Control fund disbursements and authorize such disbursements upon fund’s instructions
  • Compute dividend and other distributions payable to shareholders as necessary
  • Assist in the preparation of amendments to the fund’s registration statements
  • Monitor the fund’s compliance with investment restrictions and limitations imposed by the 1940 Act and state Blue Sky laws
  • Maintain all books and records of the funds
  • Compute net income and capital gains/losses
  • Reconcile cash and positions daily with the custodian
  • Support preparation of financial statements and prospectuses
  • Provide reports for compliance testing
  • Post and monitor daily expense accruals in accordance with the budget
  • Supply statements and statistical data as requested to portfolio manager
  • Compute portfolio yields, total returns, expense ratios and turnover rates
  • Handle corporate actions, security pricing and fair valuation
  • Assist legal counsel in the preparation of trustee/management meetings


Asset managers today are facing a complex regulatory mutual fund environment. For those concerned about the cost and effort involved with operating a registered investment company/mutual fund, M3Sixty offers the shared series trust, complete with distribution support (including platform management, consulting and internal and external wholesalers). Our qualified professionals can help you better position your funds to the advisor community and save you operating costs and headaches, allowing you to focus on money management.

  • Lower fund break-even points
  • Lower overhead
  • Reduced Blue Sky and legal expenses
  • Compliance and independent board oversight
  • Assistance with distribution on multiple platforms
  • Preparation of prospectus and regulatory filings
  • Effective vehicle to incubate and establish a published performance record
  • Allows advisors to spend time growing assets, not on administrative duties