Statement To Our Clients

We have a vested interest in the success of our clients; we operate as an extension of your firm; finding efficiencies in operations, reduction of expenses, and the mitigation of risk. We offer a full range und administration, transfer agency, fund accounting, compliance and shared series trust solutions. Whether developing a new fund, a service conversion, or complex regulatory reporting; M3Sixty’s team with the highest level of industry experience will deliver the resources and solutions that ensure our collective success.


Investor Ownership Information at your FingerTips

Transfer Agency


M3Sixty’s Transfer Agency Team has over 17 years average experience

Customizable Offering

Fulfillment, Full Service Call Center, Financial Control, Daily Reporting, Blue Sky, CIP, RPO, Escheatment, Year-end Tax Reporting to Shareholders (1099R, 1099Div, 5498), IRS e-filing using the FIRE System

Customizable Offering

Delivery of fund company marketing materials, Regulatory compliant methodology for delivery and logging of Shareholder Statements, prospectus’, annual and semi-annual reports (all with e-delivery option).

Customizable Offering

Custodians, non M3Sixty Fund Accountants, NSCC, DTCC, Bloomberg, IDC, custom FTP interfaces, etc.

Daily Reporting to the Fund Sponsor

Direct shareholder activity, NSCC activity, trade summary reporting, detail trade reporting, dealer sales activity, money movement reporting, reconciliation reporting.

Quarterly Compliance Reporting

Code of Ethics, Anti-money Laundering, 22c-2, Subchapter M, Bank Secrecy Act filings, Suspicious Activity Report, 314(a) Reporting, Prospectus Compliance.

Full-Service Call Center

Staffed by series 6 & 63 licensed representatives, Representatives have a minimum of 13 years specific mutual fund experience, AVID Communications state of the art technology: call recording, reporting and VRU.


Services for Any Type of Fund

Fund Accounting, Fund Administration & Fund Compliance


M3Sixty’s Fund Accounting, Fund Administration and Fund Compliance Associates have nearly 20 years average experience


Our accountants and administration professionals communicate with SEC and FINRA staff and prepare tax and regulatory filings on behalf of our clients

Prepare Filings

Our clients benefit from our ability to prepare complicated tax, regulatory reports and filings along with expert assistance with regulatory exams and regulator comments

Complex Investments

Our accountants specialize in understanding complex investments such as hard-to-price securities and valuation committee procedures, sophisticated derivative and leveraged instruments and multi-currency funds

Industry Experience

Not including the compliance staff the average industry tenure of our fund accounting and administration team exceeds thirteen years

Linedata’s Mfact Solution

M3Sixty utilizes Linedata’s Mfact solution; M-fact is an award-winning fund accounting solution with over 20-years of proven market experience.  Mfact delivers a faster, smarter and more efficient fund accounting solution

Manage Contracts

Manage contracts, including negotiating distribution contracts and maintaining executed agreements


Leverage shared overhead costs to regain focus on money management

Shared Series Trust

For those investment advisors concerned about the cost and effort involved with operating a registered investment company/mutual fund.

Complex Environment

For those concerned about the cost and effort involved with operating a registered investment company/mutual fund, M3Sixty offers the shared series trust, complete with distribution support (including platform management, consulting and internal and external wholesalers)

Qualified Professionals

Our qualified professionals can help you better position your funds to the advisor community and save you operating costs and headaches, allowing you to focus on money management

Break-even Points

Lower fund break-even points, Lower overhead, Reduced Blue Sky and legal expenses


Compliance and independent board oversight and assistance with distribution on multiple platforms


Preparation of prospectus and regulatory filings

Published Performance

Effective vehicle to incubate and establish a published performance record which allows advisors to spend time growing assets, not on administrative duties