Randy serves as an Interested Trustee on each of our shared series trusts, M3Sixty Funds Trust (“MFT”) & 360 Funds Trust (“360”) and managing member of the holding company (M3Sixty Holdings, LLC). In addition, he serves as President and Chairman of the Board of MFT and President of 360. Before joining M3Sixty, Randy spent the [...]

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Prior to joining M3Sixty Capital as CEO, Mr. DiCenzo was CEO of Cognios Capital, LLC (“Cognios”). Cognios  offered both traditional and hedge fund asset management services to institutional clients. Prior to joining Cognios, Gary led Scout Investment Advisors as President of the Scout Mutual Fund complex, the President & CEO of Scout Distributors and as [...]

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Mr. Stack serves as the Chief Investment Officer for M3Sixty Capital as well as Co-Portfolio Manager of the M3Sixty International Equity Strategy and the M3Sixty International Equity ADR Strategy. Prior to joining M3Sixty, he was lead Portfolio Manager of the Scout International strategy-managing over $11 billion in international equities. Prior to joining Scout, he managed [...]

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Mr. Yates serves as Chief Compliance and Chief Legal Officer for M3Sixty. Richard has spent decades representing businesses primarily in the financial services sector. He has extensive experience representing investment advisors, broker­dealers, banks, registered and private funds, as well as operating businesses. Mr. Yates has advised clients on a broad range of commercial topics such [...]

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Mr. Beaver currently serves as Head of Operations for M3Sixty Enterprises. Larry has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, including leading teams in operations, fund accounting, fund administration, financial reporting and taxation.   Mr. Beaver also serves as the Principal Financial Officer ("PFO") on multiple shared series trusts. As PFO, Larry [...]

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